GMi ; Diploma Network Security


Network Security is a three-year diploma program that concentrates on the secure communication among computers in the network. This program offers students to experience working with advanced and the latest software and hi-tech hardware in designing, protecting and evaluating the security of the network.

The first year is the foundation year where students are introduced to the basic understanding of the computer network.  Throughout the second year, they are then exposed to the techniques and skills on designing and developing a secure network architecture with the integration of secure programing practice. Evaluating and testing activities on the developed network and software are carried out later in the final year. The program also integrates information security ethics, communicative and thinking skills, project management, entrepreneurship, and personal learning.

Prospective graduates can contribute in planning, designing, assembling, managing and protecting the computer networks from hackers or crackers. Among the responsibilities are:

  1. planning and designing the computer network by enforcing the security of the data
  2. assembling and troubleshooting the network devices such as switch and router
  3. monitoring the data that can be used as evidence in the event of crime occurs
  4. capturing and analyzing any hacking/cracking activities in the network

3 Responses to “GMi ; Diploma Network Security”

  1. Can anyone recommend the best IT automation software for a small IT service company like mine? Does anyone use or How do they compare to these guys I found recently: N-able N-central remote assistance
    ? What is your best take in cost vs performance among those three? I need a good advice please… Thanks in advance!

  2. encik…..boleh tak bagi tau kelayakan memohon ”GMi ; Diploma Network Security

  3. salam.. subjek apa yang akan dipelajari dalam bidang Network Security ini ?

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